What is the current top tier med tanks equipment meta?


I saw QB's video yesterday where he praised the Turbocharger and advised to mount it on any medium tank you can get 450m VR on without Coated Optics

This forced me to do some testing of my own although I don't play WoT too much lately so my credits are literally balancing on 0 at all time..

I found out that mounting Improved Aiming(-5% dispersion) on Leo 1 is useless, it's all up to RNG so I put the turbocharger on it. Improved Aiming did seem to actually improve accuracy of AMX 50B so I left it there

But I don't have credits nor people to run tests with all top tier tanks I have so I come to you with a question. What(if you can give up Coated Optics bcs you achieve 450m VR without it) is the most meta equipment for a medium tank at atm?

I, for example, put the new spotting thingy on TVP – my tests have shown that it does help spotting, Obj 140 behind a single bush was spotted from 173m without vents nor new spotting thing, from 176m with vents and from smg around 210m with new spotting thing and no vents, as I was debating between these two – now I start to doubt that it's as useful as I hoped. On one hand you can never have too much mobility, on the other hand being substantially better at spotting for yourself is extremely important, especially as an autoloader since you shine the most in the latter part of the battle when only a few tanks are alive

What are your thought on new contenders for 3rd equipment slot of medium tanks?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/iaaxfe/what_is_the_current_top_tier_med_tanks_equipment/

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