What is THE most game destroying feature in the game right now in your opinion?

I'm just curious to find out what others think is the most toxic/destructive feature in the game right now. For example triple arta games or the fact that Ferraris are driving around. Maybe even that maps such as Mines have a position that is so dominant that it's vital to claim it and if not the battle is mostly decided in 1 or 2 minutes.

Feel free to discuss, just keep the language on a good level.

My opinion is that the speed power creep is the worst. Every tank has to be fast as hell for it to be useful. I think we as a community need to take a stand. Do we want tanks litteraly flying everywhere or do we want more of a tactical gameplay and not just "rush there and we'll win"?

My point is, EBR vehicles should be thrown somewhere where the sun don't shine.

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