What is the point of the E50m?

I don't really understand this tank. It has ok hull armor but then the turret is just a flat fucking joke that is pennable by t7 tanks. Why would you ever play this tank when better sniper tanks are in the game or you could just get a Ruski medium that can do it all while having an almost unpennable turret. I just don't understand why every russian medium has to not only have thee best soft stats for both terrain and gun modifiers all while having insane turret armor and magically having higher DPM than most of the large NATO tanks despite historically being a small ass tank with either slow manual loading or auto loaders, lets also not forget about the magical gun depression some of the ruski meds/lights have despite their turrets being pancakes. This game is honestly demoralizing after grinding out the E50m and just being at a total disadvantage compared to almost every other med.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/itqa2w/what_is_the_point_of_the_e50m/

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