What is your opinion of playing tech tree tanks at tier 7 currently?

I feel like tier 7 is tougher than it was years ago. There are a lot of awesome and unique tanks at tier 7 that I no longer feel that great playing. Some of those tanks I loved, like T25/2 and AMX 13 75, which are still great for their tier.

I looked at my win rate for individual tanks and, as usual, most tanks saw an increase in average win rate over a long period of time while a minority saw a reduction in win rate. However, when I looked at the tanks where the win rate drop was most evident, they were mostly tier 7 and some tier 8 tech tree tanks. There were tanks that I used to love and do really well, but in the past year their win rates have plummeted.

Win rate fluctuation is normal, but why do I have begun struggling so much with tier 7 tech tree tanks especially in the past year? Is it just a coincidence or is there some common reason that could explain it? I have to say, anectodally, it also feels harder to be influential at tier 7 nowadays. That is just a feeling, though. What are your experiences? Do you think tier 7 is as difficult as always and I'm just unlucky/sucking at tier 7 gameplay? Thanks for the replies!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jbmt5r/what_is_your_opinion_of_playing_tech_tree_tanks/

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