What really in my mind is we should sign a petition to make Andrey Beletskiy resign from creative director of WOT

Loyal player of wot since version 0.6.6. I would like to share your some informations about how did this Beletskiy ruined WOT. I got some informations from a Chinese ex-WG staff, so sorry if my examples are mostly related to Chinese vehicles.

The problem of Beletskiy is, he is personally a excellent WOW player. The ex-staff thinks this point makes WOT in this era becomes a game with numerous build RPG style but barely related to historical WW2 to Cold War tank battles.

The ex-stuff can’t really remember how many times he argued with Beletskiy in the conference room on balance issues, for example the HEAT penetration of AMX 30B should not be piteous 300mm considering its ammunition in real life, but Beletskiy just doesn’t care about it. Even himself claimed AMX 30B was an awful tank but its statistics is okay so they canceled any buff plan to it. So finally he brought the idea of the implement of collective vehicles, technically removed many vehicles which are not really fictional but he doesn’t want to rebalance.

The next point the ex-staff brought to our view is the rebalancing of high tier Chinese mediums. Personally for ideological reasons I won’t play those Chinese tanks. They are clearly some fictional obsoletes with total unhistorical 122mm gun, so actually at the beginning WG wanted to implement a replacement so this ex-staff was ordered to collect the mapping of some Chinese mediums with fully functional prototypes. But for political reason this plan was not so easily carried on and finally WG just scanned a photo on a Chinese magazine then created 122 TM, which the model was extremely inaccurate. This staff sent them the real picture later and WG didn’t really care how it looks.

I know it’s impossible to let him resign but what motivates me to post this here is the catastrophic SCREW 2.0

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lud1nl/what_really_in_my_mind_is_we_should_sign_a/

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