What tech tree tank surprised you?

Recently got myself the WZ 132-1 and I find it awesome.

Quick, stealthy, and with a really good gun for an LT. I run it with optics, rammer and vents, allowing me to do pretty much 90% of the scouting that I can do in the T-100 but the gun allows you to do damage too and play it more as a support tank when the situation calls for it.

The turret allows you to poke and take cheeky shots, which is pretty often a decent strategy given the high pen and alpha on the gun, and the really decent armor for an LT. It can even deal with EBRs quite handily, using the quick aiming time, high damage and high shell velocity to try and outplay them.

Lights are difficult these days due to the wheelies but the WZ is a really fun way to tackle the challenge. And, even though it isn't important performance wise, it looks effin cool.

Any tech tree tank you recently acquired that surprised you in terms of its capacity as a scout, damage dealer or otherwise?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kby61l/what_tech_tree_tank_surprised_you/

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