What to do if you have a “bad” team ?

Ok so for a little bit of context, I usually play at tier 8 and 10 with heavies and mediums like the bisonte, skoda, progetto 46 and the cs 63. My rating isn't that great at about 3300, but I feel like i've improved quite a bit since I started. I wouldn't call myself good, but i'd say i'm a decent player. Now, what do I mean by "bad" team ? For me, its when the whole team just pushes one side of the map or when 10 tanks push 1 side and leave the other 5 alone. These are about 70% of my games and I never really know what to do in these situations without dying. I either turn back and push with them, but by the time I arrive they already pushed through and I did no damage, or I push my flank, realize what happens too late and get rushed by all the tanks and die. Usually we end up losing these kinds of situations, no matter what I do, so I just wanted to ask, what the best thing is to do, to at least get some decent damage out of the game ?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/rs31pi/what_to_do_if_you_have_a_bad_team/

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