What would you change?

So, you’re magically the top dog in wargaming for a day. Everything you say must be done! What do you change?

My list:
1. Remove premium tanks “no nerf status”.
For me it’s insane that they do not nerf premium tanks. The game is constantly changing and so is the meta. The premiums have to be changed with it. Now I get people (me included) have paid for these thanks and the stats that comes with it, but this has to be pretty simple to solve with for example a disclaimer when you buy the tank.

For example, they removed the ability to mount gun rammer on autoloaders, eg. nerfing all Italian mediums. They then buff the progetto 46 reload so it essentially have an “ invisible gun rammer. Imo if wargaming decides that they need to nerf a tank line, Italian mediums in this case, to make the game better and more balanced, the premium progetto should revive the same nerf.

Now I understand this is hard (illegal?) with already sold tanks, but new tanks being sold

  1. Limit arty to 1 per team.
    Unpopular opinion maybe, but games whiteout arty CAN be quite slow and campy. Hull down tanks get in a good position and you can’t do nothing about it. Then arty can help you dig them out. However there is nothing more infuriating than being focused by two-tree arty in a game and being stunned for 90% of the duration of the game. This could maybe be solved in another way to not screw the spg wait time up to much but have no idea how.

  2. Rebalance gold rounds.
    Gold rounds is more often than not much much better than regular rounds. Better pen and better shell velocity. This is a pure pay to win aspect of this game that I don’t really enjoy. A step in the right direction was to make gold rounds cost credits and not gold but honestly, it’s still kinda the same. What I mean is, you need a premium account and premium tanks to farm credits if you want to fire a lot of gold. It also severely cripples armor on most of the tanks. Got a good turret? Well now you don’t because everyone is dabbing that 2 key. Removing gold rounds completely isn’t an option because if you are in your tier 7 facing tier 9 you need that extra pen. Also there is a number of thanks that have no / basically no weak spots frontally. What to do? Well the obvious solution for me would be to put som kind of drawback to gold rounds. For example 20% more pen but 20% less damage.

  3. Wheeled vehicle
    Well, I think these tanks have a place in the game. I enjoy playing them and I find them challenging to play well. However, I good player in an ebr 105 is just insanely hard to deal with. The biggest problem is how to balance them well, I for sure don’t have any idea. A good start would be to remove those black holes along the sides that absorbs any kind of shells.

  4. Pay to win
    The last and probably the biggest point. Make the game less pay to win. Today you have an severe advantage if you are a paying customer which imo isn’t supposed to be the case. Now I understand wargaming is a company and as every company they have to make money. But there is other free to play games that does this great and is not considered pay to win. Cosmetics is the main thing here I think. Also op premium tanks need to stop (progetto, defender, lt432 and so on). Premium tanks that are just blatantly so much better than their counterpart shouldn’t be a thing. This has possibly improved lately. Bisonte, obj 274a, gsor is thanks that is still good and interesting tanks to play but it’s not like you feel like you have a disadvantage when you face them in your tech tree tanks.
    Now you might think classekilr, you are just a salty free to play player. Well no, I’m probably in the higher tier when it comes to pay to win. (400 days premium, 50k gold, don’t know how many premium tanks.) I would be one of those that would be taking the hardest hit if wargaming decide to start nerfing premium tanks and make the game less pay 2 win. But in the end I think it would make the game better for all kind of players.

Well, it became quite a long text but there is a lot to talk about. Feel free to comment what you think about my list. I’m no developer and realize my “solutions” are certainly flawed in many ways, but this was from the top of my head.

And please keep it informative and constructive. ReMOVe aRTa, aRtA SuCks wont help or be fun to read for anyone.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ket7ly/what_would_you_change/

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