Whats everyone’s consensus on the Leopard 1 now?

Its been a few weeks so I was wondering what is everyone's experience with the new Leo 1 with the buffs.

I'll start by saying that despite the Leo being better off than it was, it is still lacking significantly in playing a true medium tank role IMO. Now the Leo 1 gun is very nice, the gun handling changes ESPECIALLY on the move are great and it helps the tank perform.

Apart from that, it really hasn't changed much. The 70 km/h top speed is pretty comparable to most tanks that get 65 km/h, I find I rarely hit the speed unless going downhill or straight for a very extended period of time. And despite being advertised somewhat as the fastest medium tank at tier 10 its p/w ratio of 20ish means it doesn't get there very quick.

As far as survivability is concerned, the tank is still composed of tissue paper. It really is the ONLY tier 10 medium (apart from the batchat 25t) that has no turret or hull to speak of when fighting any tank of equal or lower tier. It also for whatever reason lost 100 hp with 1.5.1.

So with an excellent gun, decent mobility, and no armor we are left with a tank that cannot brawl and excels at sniping. A tank destroyer.

This is regrettably how I have to end up laying the Leo 1 most of the time and it is a shame. Taking aggressive positions in the Leo 1 is not possible on several maps that could easily be pulled off with any medium with a turret. Arty is also more likely to punish a Leo for playing aggressively given its extremely weak armor and large profile.

I still believe the tank needs SOMETHING done to make it viable to play. You are forced to play in the back and take pot shots at at the enemy, while other mediums put pressure on the team directly and take forward positions. Taking these forward positions might not be the Leo 1 play style, but almost all other mediums can play the sniper role, and brawler when they need to. The Leo can perform, its just that all the other tier 10 mediums can do exactly what the Leo can do, and more.

This is just my 2 cents, if you think I am completely wrong please comment below, I would like to hear what everyone has to say about the Leopard 1 in its current state.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/c5f7pi/whats_everyones_consensus_on_the_leopard_1_now/

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