What’s the point of tier 10?

I now have 2 tier 10 vehicles (B-C 25T and Kranvagn) and other than always being top tier I can't really see the point of it? It's more expensive, you face more stupidly OP rewardvehicles and oneshot-TDs and for players like me who just got there, you're suddenly up against a much greater amount of people with 6-skill crews, bondsequipment and full-gold loadouts (for MoE pushing I presume).

In general I can't really see the huge benefits to actually playing tier 10. I felt a great sense of accomplishment upon reaching tier 10, but after a few games I fell back to farming up a new line or continuing the ones I'm currently working on. I still enjoy the Kranvagn but I cry everytime I see the post game stats and see that I've lost like 20k credits playing it. The B-C mostly gathers dust, I can't seem to get it to work.

I guess this is a bit of a whine-post, but I also want to get some more opinions, preferably from people that have played longer than me.

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