Wheeled tanks and why they have upset the whole dynamics of the game.

After several months away, I've come back and noticed that battles on particular maps are no longer unfolding according to a handful of predictable plays in the early game.

What I liked about WoT was that it was like a chess game in that regard, certainly early on anyway in a game, there would be a distinct 'battle line' with the battlefield structured in such a way that slow and heavy tanks had their use.

What I'm noticing now is that wheeled tanks often turn the early game into a 'broken battlefield', zerging around taking flanking positions early on that the light/scout tanks of old could not make use of. This is due to a combination of their speed, impossibility of being tracked, weird physics/manoeuvrability, and a game engine which just isn't made to shoot them.

It's really turned the game into something else especially when there are 2, 3 4, or more on a side.

And it's not a change for the better IMHO. I see a lot more players in mediums and heavies camping the base now which I believe is because the old plays are no longer reliable. On Siegfried Line assault (from the field side) you are liable to be insta-flanked by wheeled vehicles who then have free reign in your rear. So why push? Same on Redshire from the top on the left flank. Wheeled tanks just zerg around in the 'dip' spotting and taking flanking shots at heavies actually trying to play the game near the crashed Zeppelin, and there is nothing they can do about it. I see a lot of tanks just camping the back now as a response.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ge8s95/wheeled_tanks_and_why_they_have_upset_the_whole/

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