Where is WG logic?

Please explain me guys the logic behind the sandbox changes.

At the beginning WG said they can't just nerf premium ammunition because they cannot nerf premium tanks. So they decided to buff both AP ammo damage and health points of all the tanks so the end result is the same… except HE. Since Wargaming cannot buff HE proportionally to AP because of the math (it would result in too high damage to armored targets) they decided to lower HE damage. But at the same time they nerf all premium tanks using HE shells due to high alpha or penetration like KV-2R, HWK 30 or M 41 90.

So instead of just lowering the damage of gold ammo they increase AP damage and HP of all the tanks because they can't nerf premium tanks and then they nerf premium tanks with HE nerf either way. And I don't even mention here how HE nerf is downgrading tactical layer like when smart players use HE against low armored targets like Grille 15 line TDs or arty. Why WG, Why?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dj9khq/where_is_wg_logic/

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