Which of these lines did you find most enjoyable?

Hi guys – key word is enjoyable not meta – I am far too bad a player to care about that šŸ™‚ I have 11 Tier X and around a dozen more unlocked waiting for purchase but none of the remaining lines really tempt me. Which of these have you had the most fun with and why? Appreciate the thoughts.

In terms of tanks I have enjoyed the most to date, Iā€™d say 13 90, 30b, E50, T25, 40TP, T95, 430, E75, T54 and weirdly the tier six German medium VK.


Light line (Tier 7 unlocked)

K91 (Tier 6 unlocked) never see it which tempts me

STI-II (Tier 7 unlocked)

Obj705A (Tier 7 unlocked)

Obj277 (Tier 9 unlocked)


Turreted TD line line (T9 unlocked)

Light (T9 unlocked)

Patton (T8 unlocked)

Auto loader heavy (T8 unlocked)


Tier 9 unlocked on TD and heavy

Tier 7 on light and med


Lights, both TD lines and heavy – no progress beyond T6 with any.


Lights (T7 unlocked)

PzK line (T9 unlocked)

Grille TD line (T8 Unlocked)


Wheelie (T8 unlocked)

TD (T7 unlocked)

Single shot heavy (T9 unlocked)


Medium (T9 unlocked)

Heavy (T7 unlocked)

Italy, Czech Republic and Sweden (all lines) only up to T5.

Thanks again šŸ™‚

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