Which tier 5/6/7/maybe 8 premium tank(s) would be the best for actually learning the game and improving?

My nephew (14) started playing about 7-8 months ago after watching me play. He’s only 5k games in but because of blueprints etc. He already has tier 10 tanks and is out of his depth. He’s around 47% WR @ 600WN8.

I’m trying to convince him to drop down a bunch of tiers and really learn the game. Apart from an invite code T127 he has no premium tanks and no premium account. He’s already wanting to quit because he keeps losing credits by only doing 1-2 shots of dmg in tier 10, obviously.

So I promised to gift him a tier 5/6/7/maybe 8 premium if he would play the crap out of it to really learn the game and improve. Question is, which one?
I don’t have time to platoon with him and teach him as were in different time zones.

Nothing too OP obviously as that isn’t gonna teach him much. And nothing too weak as that’ll just frustrate the hell out of him. So what, in your expert opinion, is the best all-round tutor tank?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lov8sp/which_tier_567maybe_8_premium_tanks_would_be_the/

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