Which Tier X tree should I farm during the June 2021 Event?

Hey Everyone,

I'm a relatively new player (Been playing for 3 weeks, less than 1000 battles played) and I'm currently going down the German medium line for the Leopard 1. I'm grinding through the Leopard PTA right now and having a blast with it.

What tree would you recommend out of the reduced research XP tanks?
– Swedish – STRV 103B Tree
– German – E 50 M Tree
– French – AMX 50 B Tree

I'm not really interested in playing the E 50 M as it's a german medium tank that seems to play a lot like the Leopard 1, but instead has a lot more armor to offer and seems to be a better brawler.

Which of the available tree's is less painful to grind, has more competitive tanks for it's tier and is generally just more fun to play?

I'm leaning more towards the french tanks right now, but please let me know what your opinions are 🙂

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