Who else made little strategy, to advent calendar?

So I see lot of posts every day about the actual calendar tanks, if they worth the money, or not.

For me, it is not a question, becasue I did a statement for myself before calendar started. I said, if ebr 75, or su130pm shows up, I will buy those, but nothing else. I already have progetto and some other op considered premium, but even if I would not, then still there will be the fact, that I am not actually interested in others. For example, I would not consider any tank out of my wanting list, in the fear that there will be no better, because we do not know what is coming up.

So I would not do impulsive shopping, just because there is an opportunity to buy a prem tank, that maybe I will not like.
I gave wg money, if they show something, and not just tricking, and gambeling. (This point is not about crates, because in my oppinion calendar is a kind of gambeling I think)
What are your thoughts about this?

Sorry, if I made writing mistakes, I'm not the best english speaker 😀

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