Who wants arty gone?

So I've been playing a lot recently, and one thing has stuck out and is increasingly annoying me. Damn artys. They break the game.

Some people say that they're good, they help against Japanese and german heavies, which they do. The problem is that other NORMAL tanks are supposed to deal with these superheavies, and use skill/tactics to outplay them. If these heavies are such a huge problem, a nerf would be better than an invisible opponent. Literally every time I get into a three arty game I die inside. A few days ago I was hit by all three enemy arty at once, and then two-shot by red tanks.

In high tier games even if an arty misses you, your accuracy and mobility are wrecked for 10 seconds – how is that fair? A shell misses you by an absolute age but oh dear, good luck hitting anything in your russian tank with 0.4 dispersion.

I play a lot of situational tanks (not really for any reason, I just started by researching all the wacky-looking tanks). When playing heavies like the Obj705, Emil II, and Vk100, artys are the absolute bane of my existence. Oftentimes I will find the perfect sidecraping spot for my obj or vk, but then get absolutely obliterated by artys. This is so uncool I can't even put it into words. The same goes for my emil II, I'll find a great ridgeline or hull down position but then get stomped to smithereens. I know that I should expect this sort of problem in heavies but seriously wargaming, this is not on.

Anyways that's my rant done, I'm curious to hear your reasons as to why arty's are good, maybe I'm missing something.

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