Why am I bad in good tanks and (kind of) good in bad tanks?

I think I am as average as they come. I know the theory but I am bad in practice.

I have 1101 overall wn8 and 50,6% win rate.

So recently I tried the tier 7 cz heavy. According to the internet it is mediocre to bad. And yet I have 1600 wn8 in it and 64% winrate. Sample size is small at 30 games so I checked what other tanks I do well in.

Panther stood out at 1640 wirh 57% winrate at 265 battles.

The black Prince and kv4 are also tanks I do well in. So it seems I do well in slow tanks.

On the other hand I have horrific wn8 and winrate with lttb and lt-433 and t49 us light

And sub par stats with known good tanks like T34-85M

In tier 9 meds my best performing one is leopard prot a while I do significantly worse in the standard b.

I have 4 tier 10 which I can't really bring myself to play. The best performing ones are object 268 and t110e3 and I suck at my obj140.

What am I doing wrong?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qhgd8a/why_am_i_bad_in_good_tanks_and_kind_of_good_in/

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