Why are there still people that believe the rng is fair/ truly random?

Whenever i See such a discussion, usually the one who thinks the Game isnt rigged will say somethink Like 'if you say the Game is rigged, you must be a Bad Player'.

I think it is the Other way around, unless you are a good Player, you cant really feel the effects of a rigged Game, because you dont feel the difference.

I think Most Players know that Sometimes, the rng Turns against you in every possible (Sometimes ridiculous) way. Usually this lasts for some days and then goes Back to normal.

Looking at my stats development i See that being confirmed. Usually i Play at 60% recent betweeen 3 and 5k wn8. Without changing my Playstile, ist Drops down horribly every once in a while.

Why would wargaming do that?
(You really ask that question about a company that secretly buffs arti again some days after its rebalance without making it Public, and refuses to fix known Problems because of national Prise and greed for money?)

And on top of that, i would be interested in Overall stats of certain Tanks or nations. While my experience is that some nations get luckier with rng than Others, there are no Public stats of that as far as i know.

What are your experiences with season- Like rng?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qj8q8n/why_are_there_still_people_that_believe_the_rng/

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