Why does it feel like there’s a huge proportion of assholes in this game

I started playing again recently after not playing for a few years, and I'm about to quit again. The players are fucking assholes. I just had a game where I guess I bumped into somebody unintentionally. Three of us were crowding in, trying to get in a shot. He moved right in front of me, intentionally blocking me. I moved around him. He nudged me repeatedly while I was trying to aim. Then he backed up and pushed me off the hill we were on. I said "really dude?" in chat and he said "you pushed me." I guess I bumped into him. I didn't mean to, but his retaliation was out of all proportion.

I try to stay out of people's way in general. When the game first starts and two tanks are crossing paths, I usually pump the brakes once to let them go. It seems like nobody else does the same. Nobody. People will happily flip me around backwards by clipping me in the back if it means they can get to where they're going one millisecond sooner. Multiple times, some random guy on my team will just start shooting at me or pushing me for no reason I can discern. I've about fucking had it. Why the fuck is everybody a huge asshole in this game?

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