Why does my skill drop to 0 sometimes?

Hey. This post is aimed to good and very good players.

I am decent at ~2800wn8 and ~58% winrate in average tier of ~8,70. I've been improving gradually, little by little from 300wn8 this year. I learned alot, but there is one thing about my performance that bothers me. I always play ~equal number of time, I always play when I am chill and I don't drink alcohol. You see, sometimes my performance drops to very bad, and it always feels like its not my fault. How come random battles give me constant results majority of time but then out of nowhere they go to absolute shit? You know these days? 45% winrate, all your predictions suddenly dont work, you make all the possible worst decisions, you get yoloed by a braindead animal, your only shots dont hit and you seem to be off main fight all the time. The dispersion beetwen my regular performance and these days is insane. Sometimes it feels this game just doesn't want me to play. How come there are days like this and why they are always so insanely bad?

I will appreciate every opinion.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jtpe7p/why_does_my_skill_drop_to_0_sometimes/

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