Why does Wargaming still allow this????

>! https://imgur.com/kquOrdE.jpg!<

A week ago I played with my niece. Less than 500 battles in her account and we ran into this guy. Not being a noob, I managed to kill him and outsmart him, but not before he managed to kill half our team. Then the worst part of it all was that after the match, he started insulting us and calling me a stat padder????

Players like him and Wargaming's lack of change are the reason newbies can't get into this game. I've tried so hard to get friends into this game and all have left. I even fucking helped 2 build gaming PCs! Both just said fuck this game and left. Either because of shit like this or the retarded mechanics WG has kept… Stupidly expensive crew retraining at lower tiers, low tier arty one shotting everything, broken low tier premium tanks, gold spam, RNFuckingG, etc.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ccysu1/why_does_wargaming_still_allow_this/

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