Why does WG ignore balance?

Every competitive game has balance patches regularly. Like monthly balance patches.

WoT doesnt. We get 2% buffs to 4 tanks every 18 months, while overpowered tanks dont get touched and new tier 8 premiums get released every few months, and are all stronger than the last one.

Compare the new Skoda T56 with an old heavy. Compare it to the Lowe. What the fuck is this? Its not even comparable. Not even close.

Not to mention the reward tanks. 279e is hilariously overpowered. Why are WG so fucking scared like little girls to nerf these blatantly overpowered tanks? What is there to be afraid of? People leaving the game? They already are. Numbers have been steadily decreasing year after year. Chieftan is hilariously overpowered, and cant be even bought anymore.

No one will ever take this game seriously if there arent regular balance patches. I try to get friends to join me in WoT and they laugh. Why would they ever play this shit? I have no answer.

This will fall on deaf ears, since I dont speak Russian, but WG needs to just balance the fucking tanks already. Its not even hard to do.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/q9rm56/why_does_wg_ignore_balance/

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