Why I Get Annoyed When People Mention My “Win%”

I’m 19 and I’ve played this game since I was 14, which is technically six years this may because I turn 20 this year. Edit, since this part seems confusing when I reread it. I turn 20 this year, but my account was made in May of 2015, so this will be my 6th year in the game, and I am also turning 20 this year which was to explain why I could have 6 years in game and only 5 years difference in age. Technically I was 13 when I “started,” but I turned 14 that year, so I “started” at 14

I have 19k battles, and some guy with <1k started talking big shit about how his Win% was better than mine, and he had exactly 1 tier VIII tank, and had over 600 of his overall battles in tiers below or at VI, so obviously the clear answer is he was trolling me, but it brings up a good point.

At 1k battles, it would take you 10 wins to raise your win% by 1%, because 10 is 1% of 1k. On the other hand, for me to raise my win rate I would have to win 200 battles, in a row. I would wager at least 75% of my battles are literally from the age of 14-16 playing for several hours straight after school, basically from the time I got home from school to the time I went to bed, because I was OBSESSED with this game back then.

I could (and I’m not but this is an example) practically be a fucking Unicum right now in skill level, and my stats would not reflect it for another 4-5k battles, if even that, so while I can’t expect everyone to know my specific situation, it does make me a little salty when people go “ur stats r bad,” when a majority of my battles in this game are from before I was even in high school.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mgvp6k/why_i_get_annoyed_when_people_mention_my_win/

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