Why I took almost 3 years AND an on track + premium and blueprints to grind through the Tiger I

Edit: oh, for the record I mean I just didn’t play it enough to grind it. Not thag ive been TRYING to grind it for 3 years… though, I assume most people here can figure that out lol

A majority of Tier V tanks can overmatch the upper hull roughly 80-90% of the time, because 110mm of pen is all it takes. For the record, these also have a roughly 50% chance of penetrating the only angled armor on the tank (the lower hull). Basically the only way to deflect anything tier V or higher is if you can get a good side scrape going or somehow manage to hull down in a tank that’s tall asf

This tank belongs at tier VI, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.
The Tiger 131 feels really nice to play, it doesn’t feel OP, 220 damage feels comfortable but not super OP (at least after HP buffs to all lower tiers), and it’s armor doesn’t feel as useless.

I very seriously think they should either remove or nerf the Tiger I top gun down to like 240 or 220 damage, and drop the tank to tier VI + find a new Tier VII or make the Tiger (P) lead to the Tiger II as well as the other two tanks it leads to.

I’m not saying you can’t do well in a Tiger I, especially if you ARE prettt familiar with sidescraping and such, but even when it’s top tier it feels weak as fuck, let alone when it’s bottom tier

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/m3sg95/why_i_took_almost_3_years_and_an_on_track_premium/

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