Why isn’t the BalCalcMod a standard feature in WoT?

This mod is amazing. How many times have you aimed ahead of a moving tank only for your shot to fly right over your target because the game thinks you're trying to aim at the horizon instead? Or how about when a stationary tank gets unspotted a split second before you fire at it and your shells end up arcing over to hit the mountain 3 light years behind it?

Why isn't being able to zero your gun, a standard feature in WoT? It would add a soft skill mechanic for players to master.

The way it is implemented in BalCalcMod is really simple and it requires actual input from the player – e.g. You see a light tank moving far away, you aim your cursor over the tank and press the Q key – your gun is now ranged and locked to shoot at, (let's say) 432 metres. Now you can confidently lead your shot ahead of the moving tank without your shell flying over, barring natural dispersion of the gun itself. If your target moves significantly further or farther away then you'll have to rerange your target so your shell doesn't fly into the ground or over your target.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ja4uut/why_isnt_the_balcalcmod_a_standard_feature_in_wot/

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