Why Purple / Blue are often worse than red /orange players in pub matches.

This is kinda a thing I have seen ever since beta. Yes purple and Blue players are often times worse than red / orange players in terms of winning chance in pub matches.



While red / orange players are often newer / inexperienced / dont know how maps are laid out…. ect. They can often times be found on the front lines. Whether intentional or not they are often the eyes for tds / arty / other players on the front line. They are truely trying their best to win games and offering something at least for the team as a whole.

While purple / blue players often only care about themselves and wn8. This is where youll find a heavy tank behind tds, or a medium tank a prime sniping spot after the team has cleared a ridge for them. You'll almost never find these players leading a push. If you see a tier 10 heavy behind everyone else in a tier 8 game waiting for the heavy lifting to occur. Youre probably looking at a purple player or a bot.

So yes, while they may lead the team in damage or tanks killed, they provide nothing to the team. No damage and tanks killed are not the end all. The little scout lighting tanks for the these players to farm damage are more important. The Heavies in front of them taking damage so they can shoot from the back are more important. "Also you think they'll come up and share hitpoints…..? probably not".

Its been a thing I have seen for many years now. From AOD to Hav0k to Villian. Ive been in decent clans. Honestly most of these players that farm WN8 like a champ in pub matches are the worst in clan wars because they literally fear to take a hit.

And that, is just my little story. To all the newer players and tomatoes out there keep doing your thing and getting better. Dont worry if a purple or blue say you arent any good. You're doing the heavy lifting, hard work, and manly work while they hide in the back like scared girls.

As always there are exceptions to this rule. On both sides


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/bui8rk/why_purple_blue_are_often_worse_than_red_orange/

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