Why ((Strv K)) is so Horrible? is this intentional? buyer beware!

Apart from the terrible News of introducing Tier 9 premiums. I was alarmed about ((Strv K)) because Kranvagn has good mobility and even when general armor thickness isn't Good the angle of UFP makes it pretty good for Hills and Hull down scenarios when you can angle it. but apart from the mobility of ((running gear)) hull itself has no significance. so reducing the speed limit from 60Kph to 40Kph mitigates even the Mobility Perk of the kranvagn's ((running gear)).

then the Turret is already just a Tier 9 Medium tank Turret. with a Tier 9 Medium tank cannon and penetration characteristics which are worst than Centurion 7/1 even DPM is Worst than Centurion 7/1 which again is just a medium tank with the same turret !!!! and it's easily penetrated by any 260mm pen shells from any type of tank.

the only real difference is HP. But that's all the difference. Compared to a similar situation in Tier 7 the FV201 (A45) has a lot of HP for a Tier 7 But that doesn't Help Much if the tank is penetrable almost anywhere. Strv K's a little more HP won't make it a Heavy tank. how can Wargaming Sell this as a Heavy? when it clearly isn't!!

((Strv K)) can be an average Tier 9 medium tank. By no means this tank is Heavy !!

maybe a reason for this is Wargaming trying to create a narrative of balanced Premiums! so they could portray to the customer they are not just cash grab shills and Premiums are balanced? like what is going on here ???

The bottom line is Strv K is really bad!! I mean in a Tier for Tier comparison with other Tier 9 heavies. Because it's Not a Heavy Tank in any shape or way or Form!!

Do your wallet a favor and Wait for obj.702II to be on sale again!! that thing is worth all the Money they Charge For it. because it's a Tier 9 tank with Tier 8 match-making!! and that's Wargamings balancing for you !!

how can they do this with a straight face ??

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pby49k/why_strv_k_is_so_horrible_is_this_intentional/

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