Why Wargaming?

If you like the Wargaming devs good for you. But I don't. I'm a 7-year veteran and I used to enjoy the game. But over time the game has consistently got worse with *updates* that nobody cares about. And the 10th anniversary was the final straw. Why? Because most players want new content and for them to fix their game. But you know what wargaming thinks we want? Nostalgia. Why wargaming? Why? Wow, you can use anniversary points to get old premium tanks or customizations. Big deal. The only updates that have come out in the last few years consist of premium tank cash grabs. For example, the Defender, which was stupid op and the Scorpian G, which was also stupid op, and each of the OP Premiums were nerfed after leaving the market. This shows how money-hungry wargaming is, constantly coming out with premiums and rarely coming out with a new tech tree or rebalancing. I wouldn't mind the premiums if they didn't have such a ridiculous price tag. But, since most of the new ones go for 60$, I can't pretend Wargaming isn't insanely greedy. Instead of spending 60$ for a single tier 8 premium tank go buy yourself a Triple-A game. Thank you Wargaming for ruining a game the I used to love.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gm2nqa/why_wargaming/

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