Will long-running contentious mechanics such as arty and lack of skill-based MM ever change?

TL:DR I've always hated arty and lack of MM skill balancing most of all. Are these things, among others, likely to change in the next year or so?

Blue player with +50k games. Others may have stronger feelings towards issues like overpowered premiums, gold spam, ±25% RNG, etc. For me, I had a few recent long loss streaks that have exemplified a couple of the worst aspects of this game that will never cease to frustrate me:

  • Up to 3 artillery punishing players fighting on the frontlines (heavies brawling on Westfield or playing Prok in particular).
  • Lack of MM skill balancing resulting in landslide victories or defeats.

Usually, after a long loss streak, I take a break and come back a day or two later but now I realize I'm not sure why I continue to put up with a game that is consistently patterned by a series of peaks and troughs of enjoyment.

I always held hope that such contentious mechanics would eventually be done away with or addressed once and for all. Yet, even long-awaited game balances and mechanic overhauls that have been promised or teased about seem like they have been deliberately spaced apart by WG to keep people enticed with a carrot-on-a-stick that gets continuously pulled away.

Seems like the gold rebalance has no definitive end and features like the anonymizer, promised last Xmas, probably could have been released way earlier yet it is only now just being implemented in common test almost a year later. I wouldn't be surprised if this Xmas, the crew skills overhaul is officially teased but does not get implemented for several years. Also, much needed and promised buffs for tanks like the E100 and IS-4 have been delayed due to the gold rebalancing which is like saying "We're not fixing this water leak because we're going to replace all the pipes in the house next year!"

Two of my friends were avid players and they left wot a few years ago shortly before stun mechanics and reusable consumables were introduced. Every now and then when they ask me if the game is worth coming back to, I can't really think of single reason other than Frontline. Now, I can't really think of a reason to keep playing at all. I still get shit on by arty, I still get placed in unfair match-ups with landslide victories or defeats. I always liked to think that the majority of players would certainly welcome the removal of artillery and implementation of skill-based MM but if I'm wrong about that, then I guess I shouldn't let the door hit me on the way out. 🙁

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