Will Wargaming ever learn?

I wonder if Wargaming will ever learn how to make team competitions. Highway Eagels is another broken competition where nothing except number of players in the team matters. Mechanics is simple: 200k players will get on average twice as much progress points than 100k players. So winning it's just a matter of finding the team with most players. Even if those lazy players earn less points, it's still huge advantage. Boring. And frustrating, for those who chose "wrong" team.

Higway Eagels [EU] current state

Can you guess the number of players?

If they don't want to bother with fancy metrics like average skill for team member etc., it's sufficient to remove option of choosing the team by players. It can make some problems with events where you for example choose commander with the look or voice of content creator and given number of perks, but even random choice would be better than current situation.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ogoerd/will_wargaming_ever_learn/

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