Will we ever get physics for the objects hanging on tanks?

So dunno how many of you remember, but a few years ago (before the HD rework of maps and vehicles) WG released videos about them experimenting with different physics engines to make environments more realistic and destructible. Part of that like the realistically demolishable fences, walls, etc. got implemented since then, however one thing we still don't have in the game from those videos is physics for the objects on tanks, eg. helmets, tools, bags flapping around and having the ability to be blown off by incoming shells. Been wondering, will this ever make into the game?

I think in 2021, this game has come a long way graphically. I started playing in 2010 in the closed beta. I remember the times with the low-poly tanks and maps, and I'm still completely amazed by the HD maps and vehicles whenever I play the game. I think this feature would make the big picture complete. It would add such an awesome level of immersion, imagine being hit by a HE shell and track segments, tools, cables being torn off and flying off your tank in every direction. I'm a bit bummed that we haven't heard anything about this ever since said videos, seems like an obvious final step in making the game look like up to date.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/owqnlw/will_we_ever_get_physics_for_the_objects_hanging/

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