Without paying money grinding Battle Pass points.


I need to level as much as i can. And as soon as i can at battle pass without paying. I did spend enough and dont wanna spend more.

So how can I get the most Battle past points out, with the least effort and time and silver. I would like to get the most universal fragments out of it, as much i can get. To buy a tier 10 tank I need.

Can u guys share any idea, tipps and tricks. How u can earn the most points out of the game.

My best way to get points after doing daily missions. I am doing steelhunter and get 10 bp each game average. And it is the best for me so far to grind points.

I heard if u max out one tank. Like a tier 8 premium 400 bp after that u get extra. Can anybody let me know how much extra do u get after each battle?

Thanks. Share anything which can help others players also. And i do not have the 3 tier 10 tank unfortunately to gain more.

Any good idea is welcomed. Thx.

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