Wonderful gameplay (yes that’s irony)


Such a lovely game, ferrari flying thrue the map spotting entire team, arty nicely keeps me stunned for 5minutes straight. Nobody's able to shutdown a wheelie, maybe it has something to do with constant accuracy nerfs. After crawling my usless premium tank which has a penetration of t6 td, I meet with opponents VK just to see that I'm not even close to pen his cupola. Luckly enough he was too bad to pen my angled potato tank. Just so I could sit in stuns for another few minutes despite constant movement. At that point best thing to do is raise a gun and take it for the team. But how many games can just look the same? It's quite a joke that this tank is still in the shop with those stats, it should be only avaliable on april 1st.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gckehs/wonderful_gameplay_yes_thats_irony/

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