World of tanks… another cheating game.

Played WOT for a while. Installed xvm and experimented with other mods. Here is what I found;
1- The game is rigged as fuck. The only "Random" part is which side will you belong to.

WG collect all the different user performance data for this reason alone. This data can and does tell the system what type of player you are.Are you a suiscout? are you a bush murderer playing a TD? Are you a coward little man always hiding?
All are inferred from player's past performance.
When the matches are rigged, the match maker sometimes puts all the good players on one team.

As a result, 3 minute matches are not uncommon. The players are so happy to win, and start saying "gg" to each other. They forget they will be used as a punching bag the next games… and there goes another batch of consumables. With in the 15 minutes, WG can squeeze in 5 games! why have one, when you can have 3-5 times as many?

Once you start your first game in tier 1, you are faced with an army of stat padding. seal clubbers, that are waiting with 6-8 skill crews to mow you down. Fucktard WG doesn't understand why new players quit, and why the game is dying?!

If you wanna see psychopaths in action, go play World of -Turds– Tanks.


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