World of Tanks bad: a rant

I quit playing this game a couple years or so ago, but I still get WoT content on my YT and reddit timelines because I can't be bothered to go through my subscriptions to remove them. Every now and then I get nostalgic and come back for a couple days only to remember why I quit the game.

In short, it's not fun anymore. The game is possibly the most poorly balanced game I have ever played and is only getting worse.

EBRs yeeting themselves off of cliffs and taking 0 damage as long as they land on their wheels.

There are more games with 3 arty on each side compared to 2, 1 or 0 which just encourages people to camp un-spotted or dig themselves into arty safe positions and not move.

Gold spam has made so many tanks pretty much useless.

Stupidly overpowered reward vehicles.

RNG dictating way too much of this game:

  • In my Lowe in a hull down position shooting down on the extremely close (like a tank's length away) enemy KV-3. My fully aimed shots missing his cupola 5 times with .29 dispersion values. While he hits me 3 times with .42 dispersion values.
  • Fully aimed shots at tanks driving past going to the moon while they snapshot while driving full speed and turning their turret and somehow manage to hit a weak spot.
  • List goes on and on but main complaint here is how bad of a balancing factor dispersion values are. Have almost the same hit % on my 430U as I do on my Lowe and play both in similar play styles.

15-4,3,2,1 games happening every other game.

How the hell do arty shells interact with non-destructible terrain? I'm literally sitting under 3 solid layers of indestructible concrete in the middle of the ghost town map, arty hitting the top of the building and still splashing me?

The greedy, scummy company that runs this game and doesn't give a crap about its player base.

The game is just not fun to play and every time I get nostalgic and give it another chance I get reminded of why I stopped.


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