World of Tanks Swiss tech Tree Proposal

So this is my time on Reddit, so please, if i do any mistakes, please don't be to harsh on me.

Either way, I have created a Swiss Tech Tree proposal 2+ years in the works. I spent many days at the Archives so the Tanks are all real ( Built, Prototyped, Blueprints) With exception of 1 or two which i have already replaced on another document but takes a while to adapt to the Website.

Here is the Link to the website, To my knowledge it was posted here about 2 years ago, but back then it was way worse.

I am open to any suggestions, questions and insults.

In addition i would love to know if you guys would like to see a Swiss Tech Tree or not so i have also prepared a Strawpoll link:

Again please, if i've done anything that would be against the rules, please to let me know, i think i've done everything right, but i want to make sure for the future.


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