World of Tanks (WoT) Pay to Win? Yes.

competitive game.. no doubt! and its all about that..,

design for 2021? backward.., gameplay experience? a slim to none!!

free to install pay to win ? yes! OP premium tanks, Gold shells… Premium account..

Bad mehanics that make game unplayble ? yes! many, Stun mehanic! , Soap Rocks, tank drowning, ground phisic render.. and many more that i cant think at the moment of writing this..

worth playing at 2021? Not at all! there is better game and better gaming experience literally simular designed but without bad mehanics, its called Armored Warfare! (A.W.)

other more realistic better game but with Russian bais? yes! War Thunder ! also free to play , but not bad pay to win, simular mehanics design problems..with shells bouncing and explosions.. but at least not frustrating as WoT.. bcs you dont lose as much you lose in WoT ..


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