Let's get straight to the point,so i've submited a ticket to support because i want to reroll my account (inb4 ''it's a waste of time'',it's none of your business what i do with my account).

They ask me for proof of payment to verify i'm the owner,i show them emails from them regarding transactions and invoices,they're not satisfied,they ask me for photos of receipts from 3 years ago,which i don't have anymore,i can't find them,i'm not a receipts collector.

Then i show them a recent receipt,they're not satisfied again because they can't see every little pixel microscopically,well sorry that i don't have a iphone 10 or a note 10 to make a extremely detailed photo.

And every time i got a response from them it was like a bot response,ignoring the vast majority of my statements and replying to me with a generic ''we need proof''.

Finally i told em i'm gonna delete my account out of frustration,i'm done,i can't get anything resolved,even though i've been the solely owner of the account and the gmail account associated with it.

Really,really stupid.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/fvy49l/worst_customer_support_ever/

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