WoT Battlepass Point Calculator – How points do you need with current progress made?

I made an excel sheet that calculates how many Battlepoints you need PER day to make it to Stage 150 without spending any gold.

  1. I calculated the Total Battlepoints Needed (7500)
  2. I calculated the Total Current Earned Points by entering your stages completed + points already earned in the current stage ((Stage * 50) + ##)
  3. I calculated the Total Unearned Points
  4. Days left – June 15 (incl today)
  5. Days left – June 15 (excl today)
  6. Average Points Per Day needed for #4
  7. Average Points Per Day needed for #5

Made by Belgian_BrainY (NA)


Note: I normally never work with Google Sheets but I wanted to know and NOBODY has made this before with a calculation that has current progress included

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mqggnb/wot_battlepass_point_calculator_how_points_do_you/

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