WOT for PC is broken and there are many cheaters. WOT on consoles is much better game.

The way spotting works in WOT does not make sense. How the fuck I have TD with camouflage , optics and I do not see heavy tank like O-I. Even if this guy has camouflage and camouflage perk I think i should see him if the tank is literally few meters away from me. You see tanks and then they disappear into thin air one second later. It is really stupid how spotting works in WOT PC plus there are mods for cheating online. it is stupid that wargaming does not sue those sites that host that content and make seriously example of people who are cheating. Every cheater should be banned for life regardless of how much money this person spent in the game. Make those names public so everyone knows the consequences of cheating. WOT on consoles is much better and it should be the other way around. Also i think those premium upgrades that you can earn by playing the game should be removed as they give unfair advantage to the player. The game should be fair regardless of how much money you spend in the game and it is not. Match making sucks too. You either play on the team what is considerably stronger or weaker. Hardly ever you end up in matches that are even and exciting. Lastly it is stupid that i cannot play on european servers if i sign up for NA server. on consoles i can switch servers any time i want. There is no way i will spend money in this game to buy tanks. It is just useless how WOT works on PC. Too many idiotic decisions on War Gaming part and the fact that war gaming does not do anything about cheating is disappointing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/hgvdnu/wot_for_pc_is_broken_and_there_are_many_cheaters/

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