WoT must be fixed.

Things that must be fixed in World of Tanks:


stun effect of SPG is cancer, going on nerves, and it's not fair to have max. 6 imbecils with SPG on the end of map and shoting

every 30 seconds with 500 dmg (btw. 500 dmg if it's vehicle not penetrated + stun 15 sec.)


how it's possible to have tank that goes 100km/h with spotting range 450 metters on map that is long 1000 meters max. 105 mm penetration

with HE shells, wow.


you need to be separated from your family for 10 days to get a tank? And then you can't sell it because you don't have market.

Where is logic.

-T95/FV4201 Chieftan and Obj. 279-

OP tanks and you give that to only PRO players who will kill you in a second. What about people who get started to play wot and they have

their first match with tier 10. or tier 8 and they get T95/FV4201 Chieftan or Obj. 279 in enemy team.

-Defender/ obj. 252u-

OP tank for tier 8, premium tanks should not be better than those in tech tree.

-P2W and F2P-

It's unfair for F2P players because they need to grind tank for 6 months. If they get tier 4 premium tank they MUST play about 2000 battles to

get 6,1 milion credits.


Return premium ammunition for golds, people doesn't play tactitally anymore. They are just spamming golds.


Who is crazy to pay 10€ for 7 days of premium account. There are a lot of countries that have bad economy.


Bad engine.

These are the things that I think ruin the game the most. If someone has to say something, the say.

EDIT: So you are telling me that wot is playable. Then tell me why is wot good. 30 fucking dollars for 3d skin. Stun effect for 30 sec. EBR, +2 -2 matchmaking. WOW. I am so proud of this commmunity. What about tanks like Abrams, Leopard 2A7, Lecrelc, Challenger. No, wot doesn't have it because they newest tank is from 1960. WoT is trying to be realistic, so they are posting on youtube that Maus had camo. Tanks from blueprints can't be in game because maybe they will be shit, or they will be good. But in WoT everything is good. Type 5 heavy never existed, and they are putting him in game, just like GW E100, ConquerorGC… They truly existed. Defender existed 100%. HEAT ammo has lower penetration but their effect on tank was way better than AP shell. So in wot you have 300 mm pen and same fucking dmg as AP. APCR was bad because when APCR pen the tank he will just go through the tank doing nothing. So realistic that when you shoot shell from barrel, shell will go right. WOW. SO FUCKING REAL. "wAiT yOu HaVe SO MaNY Free STUFf iN WOt". Like 1 day of premium within 10 days from daily missions. And marathon is really easy. WoT is going down and you will see. Because WG will be like EA, hungry for money. Servers are really bad, so every day I am getting kicked out off game because servers are busy. If EBR is going to be fixed, then WoT will be excellent? Let's wait time.

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