Yes, i hope mods see that post and will be able to at least suggest them to other WG team.

As tittle says – there are things that simply due to World of Tanks interface are annoying to deal with, and are easy to be changed:

1) take multiple crew books out of battle pass at once – i'm not realy enjoying scrolling through all antions to get my book x10 times

2) use multiple crew books at once – i just noticed i have 28 Japan booklets for crew and decided to use them on my Type61 – boy, clicking them one by one was super annoying

3) ability to sell multiple inscriptions / decals / emblems at once – i recently "cleared" my garage off of spare elements and it took me like 20min selling them one by one

4) make ALL inscriptions / decals / emblems / preset cammos sellable / removable – i have few hundred of those – every time i load game i waste 1-2min on synchronizing.

I like my tanks classy with historical cammos / emblems – why do i need to waste time on loading some football-rocket-snowman decal that i'm never going to use ?

Not to mention that crashing during game means there is no way i will reconnect in time.

Got more suggestions ?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qt4ch8/wot_quality_of_life_suggestions/

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