wot ranked is a really bad and cancer gamemode

there are mulitple reasons i f… hate this mode

1.the cheveron system is broken and extremly frustrating it makes the game mode even more frustrating that it already is

2.the mm is broken just go and see it your self ebr is a permanent thing its always there and you can't do nothing about it

3.arty, why it exist in a game mode that "REQUIRES SKILL"? also there is a lot of them in ranked and there is at least 1 but usually 2 in each game, makes games cancer

4.matches are 5 mins long and end in 15-0, 15-2, 15-4 in a "competetive gamemode where teams are equal of skill level"

5.lemming trains are really common because nobody want to go in a flank outnumbered die and lose progress so they just go with the rest of the train leave flank exposed and get flanked and die later because of it

6.most players don't understand mechanics of the game which gives a big disadvantage to the team that have these players

7.unlike clan wars here "winning" isn't the primary obj its just secondary because the primary is that you play greedy and get xp and progress

  1. you do not receive xp from playing your role exept if your role is to deal dmg or spot, the game does not reward using your armor right and bounce shells

9.slow tanks are unplayable because games take 5 mins due to everybody playing medium tanks and it makes that you do not progress in winning games because you can't get into position fast enough so you receive 0 cheverons

10.why you receive 0 cheverons if you win a game? its okay i understand do not give players who did nothing progress points alright, but thats also unfair to players who just got a bad map on a tank thats not good in that map and did nothing because of it or did nothing ,not because they are bad players but, because the game took 5 mins and they played a slow tank and the game was over before they could shot their gun

  1. you don't know what map you are going to play so this makes that if you do not play meta tanks that are good in every map or at least average you will make a no progress if you get a bad map with a certain tank(probably because of this you do not see tds often in ranked)

12.teammates in this gamemode is working against you, like why wouldn't they? you can't blame them, in this game mode you progress, while your teammate who did the same thing as you but received 3 xp less do not ,this makes that everybody is desperate to steal xp from his allies in order to gain progress or just not lose it if you are in the losing team. this makes this gamemode exremely toxic

13.people make desicions on whats good for them selves and not whats good for the team because the cheveron system promotes them to do so

14.wg removed reward tanks is a good thing but good players still get an advantage that they don't need(bond eqquipment,food) this makes skill gaps even more devestating and resoult in 15-0 games more often

  1. safe ranks makes that in certain ranks people just give up on games that they decided that is unwinable because they do not lose progress this makes that in certain ranks people are just "i don't care i will not lose anything"

  2. and for last the gamemode is really toxic, if you say its not just go and see the chat in a losing game and you see that everybody is flaming like hell

this gamemode is broken and unfun people never play it for the sake of playing ranked but for getting bonds i made a survey to check it and yeah most people opinion on ranked is that: i play only for bonds,THATS SAD WARGAMING THATS REALLY SAD

this gamemode is bad and wg should fix it and not just by adding more rewards so people will want to grind and play it more but actually fix the core issues that the gamemode has and make people want to play ranked even if they do not receive rewards

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/htiqs8/wot_ranked_is_a_really_bad_and_cancer_gamemode/

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