WoT Server issues – ASIA Server connection issues

Hey there,

Recently over this past weekend, I have been experiencing some serious issues connecting to the WoT Servers, most notably the HK server but this has also happened with the ANZ server as well. The first main issue, is that it has been taking an incredibly long time to enter the server itself where I would have to sit on the loading screen where it displays "Synchronising equipment and consumables…". Sometimes this would fail to connect other times I will load in. The next issue is that if I do manage to logon to the server and enter a game, my game will either sometimes lag out and crash or wait on the team lists loading screen with only the background image being displayed.

I have run the WG Check tool but I have no idea how to interpret it.

If anyone is able to help me in any way I will be greatly appreciated, particularly as I have Clan Wars coming up tomorrow night.

Thanks in advance,


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dxtzvt/wot_server_issues_asia_server_connection_issues/

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