WOT tips&tricks that you like to use and have positive impact on your game


I am curious what techniques more advanced players are using that helped them getting better. I’ll give few examples to make myself clear what I would like to see.
– hitting (with a tall tank) the upper part of the engine deck is mostly easy pen, on a brawl, if your gun caliber is big enough because of the overmatch

  • on a brawl hitting an is7 under the gun once he raises it to hit your commander’s hatch is a pen

  • preaim on a spotted target before peaking keeps your reticle smaller

I am curious what other such tips helped you get better. I tried to skip some obvious ones like sidescraping, using gun depression, switching to heat in case of a tank with no angles.

I've seen that some players like to lock the turret (right click pressed) while moving/preparing to peak a corner. Does this help in any way to keep your reticle smaller? I didn't noticed any differences but I might be wrong.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qfngap/wot_tipstricks_that_you_like_to_use_and_have/

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