WoT vs. WoWS Clan Functions and Improvements

I play all of major the Wargaming titles, but I would really like to compare WoT and WoWS regarding their clan functions. I see many areas of improvement for WoT Stonghold system and it has nothing to do with the actual battles themselves, in my opinion it’s more about inclusiveness as well as the points mentioned below that are the key factors I would like to discuss.

I see a real need for World of Tanks clan functions to be a bit more inclusive to clan members, I like many of the approaches that World of Warships has used that encourages users to login and play as well as allows the player to feel immediate benefits from their clan resources. The players in general see immediate return on their investment and because of this, they are more inclined to grind resources and help the clan grow.

CHALLENGES | What I’ve seen as a Clan Commander and the Challenges in WoT:

  • (A) Clan members only receive clan perks/bonus if a clan officer activates a perk.
  • (B) Bonuses are only active for a pre-determined time frame.
  • (C) Only clan members that are online when a perk is activated receive any bonus. Members that are offline receive no bonus which is troublesome considering they may have helped contribute to purchasing the perk with industrial resources.
  • (D) Individual members have no real say in how often or which perk is activated. Unless of course some sort of voting system is established in a clan which may or may not be part of the clan infrastructure and is truly clan to clan specific.
  • (E) The currency to purchase clan bonuses are Industrial resources and industrial Resources are most abundantly gathered by playing strongholds, advance battles, tier X random battles, ranked battles and on occasion special missions and other game modes. Other than tier 6 strongholds all of the modes do not target the largest audience, which is random battles tier 5-7.

WHAT WOWS IS DOING | World of Warships has done a better job in addressing the above points. I hope that in the future WoT implements similar improvements that can help clans cultivate activity and add to group play.

· Regarding (A) above, in WoWS each clan has a Naval Base and buildings which can be upgraded and each upgrade is an incrementally increasing bonus for members of the entire clan.

· Referencing (B) once purchased, Naval Base upgrades are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ALL members of the clan see positive effects from the active Naval Base perk which just isn’t the case as mentioned in WoT (C).

· Similar to WoT, WoWS Officers of the Clan still decide on what Naval Base Perk to upgrade and Clan members can see by viewing their Base all perks that are active and how much currency the clan has toward the next upgrade. The difference is that members have more opportunities to gather resources and their bonuses are active at all times while they are playing in WoWS which allows members to benefit from their work more often.

· In WoWS the clan currency for upgrades is “Oil”, and oil can be obtained by collecting loot boxes a maximum of three per day. All that is needed is playing and collecting XP 2000 for the first box, 12k for the second box and 35k for the third box. For each box that is opened 10 oil are received this oil is deposited in the clan account which can be used for Naval base upgrades. To collect daily loot boxes a member can play any of the game modes; Random, Ranked, Scenario, CoOP and Clan Battles etc… every member no matter what game mode they play has the ability to contribute to the clan account and the naval base upgrades they are working toward which is very, very inclusive to every member.

· In addition to the collecting oil through daily loot box play. A member can complete missions that offer additional oil. For example competing in Clan Battles and winning battles will offer 30 oil per member. There are multiple ways for members to contribute to the clan base oil reserves and WoWS regularly puts out additional missions to help clans grow their base.

· Most recently WoWS also added a function call Naval Battles which allows the clan to conduct a clan battle vs another clan but do it passively and not in active engagement. The clan as a whole work toward achieving stars the clan at the end of the battle with the most stars win.

  • Naval Battles is a weekly event until opted out by the clan.Every Clan member has 10 attempts to achieve 1 star per attempt. Tiers 1-10.
  • Each nation listed in the naval battle engagement screen has ship classes and amount of XP needed to gain a star.
  • As soon as a member achieves a star for the nation and class listed in the engagement screen, the amount of xp will then increase. 300–>900–>1500–>1550–>1600 etc.. and keeps increasing until the clan has run out of attempts.

This passive approach to clan vs clan action is a great way for clan to work together with a shared goal and through strategy and teamwork there are opportunities for all members of the clan regardless of skill level to compete and contribute. This naval battle generate oil as well in the qualification stage and the engagement stage.

I'm sure I've left out a few things here and there comparing the clan funktion just didn't want to make this post too long. Do you have more ideas for clan functions in World of Tanks I would love to hear them.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ctuwbc/wot_vs_wows_clan_functions_and_improvements/

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