Would you want the BT-42 as a premium tank?

I'm sure tank enthusiasts know that the BT-42 was, all things considered, a crappy Finnish modification of the BT-7, but there are those of us who saw that one scene in Girls Und Panzer Der Film and just want that Finnish contraption in the game at some point. Sure, the turret was too heavy and the shells didn't work properly, but that was how it performed in real life; WoT is a game, so the BT-42 could be made viable for balance reasons.

And even though the Finnish don't have enough tanks to make their own tech tree, that doesn't mean the BT-42 couldn't be a premium tank.

Has thought been given to it? Is it possible we could get this in the future as a gimmicky Derpgun version of the BT-7 (at higher tiers)?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/g6uh8h/would_you_want_the_bt42_as_a_premium_tank/

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