Wtf is going on with my game today?

Im experiencing something scary. Commands and text that I have typed today like 30 games ago are suddenly and inexplicably occurring hours later. This has happened 3 times today, all with different behavior. Most of the time its completely random; my game starts spazzing out as if I were mashing keys on the keyboard.

Example: I was playing an arty in a game like 5 hours ago, and I typed "please don't let the lights come down the trench".

In the game I just played, my game started spazzing out, my tank was moving around without my input and was calling out random locations without touching the keyboard. Then I saw the chat come up and THE CLIENT STARTED TYPING OUT "please dont let the lights come down the trench". I wasnt typing or doing anything and the game was typing out a message I typed and sent nearly 5 hours before.

This is freaking me out. This was more than a glitch, it felt like someone had taken control of my game client. I dont know how something like that is even possible.

I unplugged my keyboard and replugged it in, but that was hours ago. It doesnt happen in every game and it doesnt happen with one specific tank. Does anybody have a clue what is happening to me? What the hell could cause this? I can get some replays together later if that will help show what im talking about


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