WTF is going on ?

Hello lads,

I lurck the web to find some opinions on a strange things that my clan and I enduring.

Beside what we all know arround MM, gold and all. Since few days we we noticed that the players just goes yolo. Totaly wild games where HT goes nowhere, meds stick the red lines, lights just stay back lines. No more lemmings, just dumb placements, actions.

I've seen a line of HT, fall back in front of one medium…
I've seen TDs goes yolo spoting…
I've seen artys do…strickly nothing…

It's really strange at best. We feel like we're surrounded by really new players, or a new bot ?
We play almost all tiers, and the feedback are the same.

At the end of the year we feel like tossing a coin before the game, now that's more like rolling a 6 dice and have a chance to win on 5 or 6.

Does WG have made some changes ? Do we know them ? Is it a new things that we have missed, a new youtuber or streamer that launch a move ?

Some feeds from you guys ?


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